-Jack Handy

"If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid looking in a mirror, because I bet that will really throw you into a panic."

Thursday, September 18, 2008


A 5-month old baby has a lot of firsts, and so it was with Keira's first picnic. To the noticing eye, all 3 of us happened to be draped in pink that day. Normal for Keira... semi-normal for Steph... not so normal for Morgan. Needless to say, Morgan occassionally dares to be hip with his trendy pink shirt, but hesitates to overdo it. For example, on the airplane coming home from Utah last July, he was wearing the pink shirt with some classy pink and cream plaid shorts. But it just so happens that he had ruined his cell phone during the trip and needed to borrow Steph's pink one. On top of that we had brought several suitcases with us from Missouri (only 1 of them pink), but when it was time for me to leave a week before Steph and the baby did, I had to take the pink one home for space requirements. That's right: pink shirt, pink shorts, pink phone, pink bag. One kid with a not so subtle voice said to his father in passing, " I think he's gay daddy."

Diving into the grapes here. I don't blame her. Formula and rice cereal... I've tried them both and am no fan. Time for some real food baby! I randomly came upon this park one day, and after getting off work early for a change, we did the whole picnic thing on a beautiful September evening