-Jack Handy

"If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid looking in a mirror, because I bet that will really throw you into a panic."

Monday, May 19, 2008


We originally thought Keira may have been suffering from some form of baby depression because she never smiled. Well, needless to say, she broke out of it!


Keira finally made her long awaited appearence to the Joplin 1st Ward. For the most part, she was a little angel, sleeping through the entire Sacrament Meeting along with the high councilman

I had to fight off all the folks who wanted to squeeze her expanding cheeks and tell her how cute she looked in her new brown dress and bow

However, her debut wasn't all pretty. She cut the cheese several times while Daddy was watching her in Elder's Quorum, severly throwing off Brother VanHoose's lesson about the gifts of the Spirit. And I'm not talking about the subtle ones. They were loud, unassuming bursts of air protruding into the diaper. Morgan wanted to take her out to change her, but it had been so long since he'd been to the 3rd hour of church due to work conflicts, he decided to stick it out as the gas continued.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


A series of tornados swept through the Four States on the evening of Saturday May 10th. Stephanie and Keira took cover in The Plaza's clubhouse while Morgan was at work. Morgan had his entire 6 o'clock sport's segment produced and ready to go about 5:30 when the chaos broke loose in parts of Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A tornado was even spotted by KSN's chief meterologist, Gary Bandy, not too far from the station and instructed everybody there to be ready to duck and cover, meanwhile, giving updates to viewers every few minutes. Needless to say, sports was cancelled that day and Morgan volunteered to take up as a news reporter. He drove out to a small town called Granby, Missouri where folks had lost everything in the flash of an eye. These are a few small examples of what a ticked off Mother Nature can do.

We were fortunate enough not to be hit ourselves, unlike the 24 who lost their lives, not to mention the countless others who had everything demolished, lost or scattered. Morgan was proud of Steph and the baby for braving the moody and unpredictable elements, while he wept side by side with some of those affected.