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"If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid looking in a mirror, because I bet that will really throw you into a panic."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip Back to Beehive State

Mo and Steph with brother Jake (just off mission) and girlfriend Natalie at Texas Roadhouse Grill

Mommy with the Keirster before blessing

Cousins Keira and Lexi talk logistics before their big blessing day. Big, flowing gowns marked the occasion

Aunt Rachel wishes Keira was her own child

Elena and Ashlyn hold new cousin Keira

4 different generations represented in this picture. And rumor has it, that everyone is hoping to do a 5 generational picture in 19 years

Breathtakingly beautiful Aspen Grove, past Sundance in the Timp Mountains. The Vance family all attended a reunion there at a family camp

Funny look'n and one of the wittiest kids in the western hemisphere, Eastin defines the message written on his shirt. "Rules Don't Apply to Me"

Keira gets chill as she cruises in her ride. The Aspen Grove Mascot

Morgan with a kid I delicately nicknamed 90210. This is my cousin Taylor from British Columbia. He's got a clean look and a suave step. I mentored him all week at camp

Morgan wishing someone would play with him in the pool

Justin, Eridee and Chelsie, who worked up there in the kitchen

Our angelic baby (except when she's sick, hungry, poopy, bored, tired, wet or with her daddy) sleeping in her swim suit at Aspen's pool

The Dalster-rama Dalster-liscious (aka Dallin) gets jiggy wit it in the pool

Hannah (Best Hellen Keller to ever hit the stage) puts Keira to sleep

Steph throws an ax into a tree stump at Aspen's Frontier Days. Everyone watching took neccessary precautions to avoid an early death by keeping their distance

Cousin Olivia (age 4) falls in love with Keira

The mountains were full of these obese squirrels. Morgan wanted to eat one, but the camp staff said that wasn't a request they had ever recieved before, so they weren't exactly sure how to respond

Grandpa, Grandma relax Aspen style with Keirzy while her Dad is on the basketball courts taking some punk kids to school with fancy moves only seen on Sports Center's Top 10 Plays